Anthony Vaccarello revealed his Spring/Summer 2015 collection on the docks of “La Cité de la Mode et du Design “ in Paris on September 22nd. In a very street style ambiance, the designer presented a highly graphic collection, a showcase for the black and white duo with geometrical prints and asymmetrical volumes. The overall accentuated with a bold touch, the designer’s signature.

For the very first time, Anthony Vaccarello and make-up artist Tom Pecheux asked Lancôme to accompany them backstage. A unique collaboration under the idea of freshness: “Anthony wanted a healthy girl with a cool, yet alluring look. Imagine her after a day at the pool in the middle of summer, with a golden and luminous skin and slightly runny mascara. Instead of having clones, we wanted to have a group of 36 girls, each of them having a different personality. That is why, we have not redesigned the eyebrows, neither insisted on the complexion of the skin. In addition, since Anthony wanted to have a jewel, I worked a few details that were minimal and very sexy in the spirit of his work. In short, a Lancôme woman, naturally effortless chic, whose black diamond ear tattoo stirs up all desires.



Sunny complexion

If skin is well-hydrated, we may heat it up a little bit with a foundation, a half-darker tone”, explains Tom Pecheux. “I added some Bronzer in the hollow of the cheek to highlight the cheekbones and without redipping the brush, I swept the entire face to spread the sunny glow. The final touch? A pastille of blush to mimic the freshness of complexion after a sport activity”.


Intriguing look

There is nothing more attractive than an eye that still has traces of black after cleansing. This is the effect that I wanted to reproduce with a black veil under the eyelid, but with a very luxurious version of glitter”. On eyelids and temples, a touch of gloss brings shine and strengthens the healthy side of the look.


Nude lips

A touch of balm for shine. And voilà !


Ear bijou like a black diamond

I was inspired by the work of the Scottish artist Douglas Gordon and especially, one captivating photo of a forefinger painted in black on one side. The earlobe is topped with eyeliner and then soaked in glitter to get a rebel and couture final look. Tatoo, make-up, black diamond… Impossible to know unless getting closer!“, says Tom Pecheux smiling.



All images shot by Sébastien Calvet for Lancôme.